Saturday, December 21, 2013

Got My Favourite Database Back Online Today.

I absolutely love "On This Day in Harless History." I know that sounds a bit vane considering I created it, but although I am proud of it, that isn't really what I mean. I developed this database as a fun thing so people could see who they shared a birthday with. I thought it would be a good way to introduce children to their heritage and genealogy - on their birthday go to the Harless Homepage and see how many of their Harless ancestors were born on the same day. I didn't really think of it as any more than that, but after a while I noticed how often I checked it myself.

I maintain several large genealogy databases using a few different genealogy programs, but the bulk of my personal research is in my Harless database that I have in The Master Genealogist (TMG). This database has almost 81,000 people in it and I add to it most days when I get a chance. But five minutes here and there isn't enough time to check every fact for every one of those 80,000+ people. One thing TMG does is keep a record of the last time you edited anything in the record of a given person. I do not recall exactly when I switch over to TMG (I used Roots4 before that, so genealogy tech nerds will probably know the exact date! lol). What I do know is that I have people in this database that I have not edited since 11 June 2000 because that is the date shown for the random person I just selected in that database.

If I come across a new collection at a library, archives, online etc., obviously I revisit the people who are or might be covered by that collection. The next reason is when I get an email - people ask me where I got a certain fact or offer to update a line - when that happens I usually work on their line for a few days until I am satisfied I haven't missed anything. But if I have no new collections and no emails, how do I pick which line, which family, which person, to check? I go to the "On This Day in Harless History" database and pick the first name that comes up! I love it. No over thinking, no picking easy lines or favourite states (yes, I will admit to it - have you seen the collections WV has put online?)

I would love it if everyone who came to the Harless Homepage looked at On This Day in History and checked their own lines. Perhaps you know it is your ancestor's birthday and I don't have them listed - if they aren't on the page it either means I don't have any information or I only have partial information. As soon as I have the full date and the name of their spouse for the marriage entries, I can add them to the list.

On This Day in Harless History

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