Thursday, January 2, 2014

Emiline Niday Wrap Up

A few days ago I was questioning the identity of the Emiline Niday who intended to marry Greenberry Stump in Giles County, Virginia in 1847. The marriage bond named her father as John Nida and I believed that to be the John Nida who married Sarah Harless. Could I prove that, I asked. The answer is no, I can't. Does this mean I believe the marriage records were wrong and that she was the daughter of Jacob Nida? No. I found no evidence to support that either. I'm disappointed, but I have removed Emiline and her descendants from the Harless family tree until I find strong evidence that that is where they belong. Now to check out the other Emaline Nida who really may be a daughter of John and Sarah Harless Nida.