Monday, October 28, 2013

Correcting Errors - an ongoing process

I have always tried to be quite clear that I make mistakes and implore people to point them out to me. My Harless database is quite large and contains over 70,000 people. I work on parts of it at a time - and here is something I don't think I have ever mentioned before, but if you want me to add more to your branch the best way to get that done is send me an update. Every time I receive updates and corrections I make those amendments but then I spend a couple of days checking and making my own corrections and additions to that branch of the family.

Why am I posting this today? I was transcribing a record to share on the blog when it occurred to me I should make sure I had already entered all the information into my own research database - and I hadn't!

Susannah B. Harless is getting a new daddy today (I had long doubted the accuracy of my data on this, but now I have convincing evidence to support the correction).

Francis Harless, wife of Enoch Lafon, is also getting a daddy today. I am now convinced and able to offer good evidence that she and Susannah B. Harless were sisters. I do not know who their mother is though.

I will upload the corrected family tree in an hour or two - if this is your line, please check your own records to see if they agree and let me know if they don't - and why!

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